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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 

Angsta Rap

Someone liked Eminem.

Another reason I detest the gent. Plus I got a solid half n hour for the meeting to begin.


Aint no rhythm , and aint no rap
Knock off the wannabe brotha crap

You doan have to tell US about frustration, bud
In yer pimpmobile and flashy gear
We live in an age of fire n flood
And all enveloping fear

Anybody who thinks Eminem’s ornery n mean
Is just a victim of Sony’s hype machine
Yeah right, he doan wear a bowler hat
His sneakers are endorsed, be sure of THAT.

In the days of old, the rebel bit ,
was confined to the occasional fuck or shit.
They went wild over Sex Pistols n Clash
And then Public Enemy et al redefined brash

Oh, we been there and done it
far as rage against the machine goes
When it comes to selling movies n Tshirts
the carefully manufactured rebellion shows.

And Eminem, here’s a news flash
We’ve had it with yer “white trash”
Try bringin a ray o light in jaded lives, dude
Instead of ffing WWF attitude

wanna thump your kid, do in your mom or sis
There’s a body part of mine you can kiss.
As for shock value : get this into yer head
Try flogging another horse, this one is DEAD.

Very clever we are.

Sheesh man ...

Nope, it was a compliment.

"Hailie's Song" is a decent one. As is "Sing for a Moment".

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