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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

Dubious Move

The Game Commences.

Yay! My first comment

Errr .. it's from you.

You noticed ? Bright of you. So what ?

Mmm... kinda loserly ?

We're in the business of winning ? What's losing defined as ? I am not allowed to comment on my blog ?

No restrictions. But it may lead to lack of street cred.

Street cred ? Cut out the gangsta rap. You better off with the angsta rap.

Look, this talking with oneself at odd hours isn't gonna help.

Help with what ? And it isn't odd hours. It makes you feel better, change the timestamps to Ulan Bator or wherever it is presently bright and sunny.

Help with ... Forget it. Sooner or later people will come here and see all this.

"Tu kaun hai, teraa naam hai kyaa, Sitaa bhi yahaan badanaam hui/

Phir kyun sansaar kii baaton se, bhig gaye tere nayanaa"

Don't wallow, for God's sake, you Whinestone Cowboy

Nope, we are the happy camper. You are the one cribbing about losing street cred.

OK, you win. I am sick of typing out the Weird Veri each time anyway.

You win again
Some never try
But if anybody can, we can
And I'll be, I'll be
Following you


All Your Base Belong to Us!!


And all the wonders made for the Earth
And all the hearts in all creation
Somehow I always end up alone
Always end up alone

Since we are @ the Bee Gees


Are you really happy with these lonely games you play
looking for the right
words to say

So you're gonna sit here all day? You might as well POST something. Or make the template better. Or something.

Hum "sust kadam raste" pe jaa rahen hain, tum "tez kadam raahen" pakdo.

A fat lot of connecting you're gonna do if all you are gonna do is sit and talk to yourself.

The standard line goes "I talk to myself, it's one way of ensuring intelligent conversation".

You are the exception that proves the rule, methinks.

Humko jo taane dete hain,
ham khoe hain in rangaraliyon mein
Humne unko bhi chhup chhupke,
aate dekhaa in galiyon mein

Break for nonce.


Yeah, I noticed. I hoped you'd gone. ( Far away)

Ankhiyoon ke jharokon se
maine dekha jo saanwre
Tum door nazar aaye
bade door nazar aaye

Bandh karke jharokhon ko
zara baithe jo sochne
man mein tumhi muskaaye
man mein tumhi toh muskaaye


This is maddening.

Ik man tha mere paas woh
ab khone laga hai
paagal tujhe , ghayal mujhe
kuch hone laga hai.


( I ain't injured though)

Talking to oneself could get you committed or something.

yeah, I know that
committment-phobe feeling.

Aargh, you really think somebody cares?

All you wanna tell me is that you don't really care about us ?

hmm..wonder if i have the right doctor reco for this problem.

Don't let her come between us!

Doan worry, this ain't for the fainthearted.

What makes you think she is ?

( a winner n all)

So she won something for a template.

It doesn't really matter.

SHE said so.

She said it doesn't matter makes her fainthearted ?

Yep. If she was as sassy as you thought she was, would've not run for professional help@ doc

And if you were as sensible as you claim to be, you'd have said hi, hello and welcome.

Hi, hello, welcome, lady. We think you absolutely swing.

There, been there, done that.

THAT was tactful

Mmm. Now you have to be effusive to convince ?

Nope, you COULD be as sensible as to leave that comment on her blog.

Where, BTW, it would have some readership too.

I read this here.

Is there somebody more important ?

errr.. SHE ?

Hello ? She's been here once.

Ain't a visa, she'll be here again. (even visas have multiple entries versions).

It's midnight here in Ulan Bator.

Can we leave next comment on same to her please ?

(a) Idjit, she dinna win award, that was somebody else.

(b) If you're Waiting to Exhale @ her comments, I'd like to order the roses for your grave

Hi Dubious,

Finally managed to track your blog down. Had been following your comments and perspectives for a while and I am glad that you have started blogging. This was a wonderful conversation. Thanks for letting us eavesdrop.

You know what would have been a fitting finale to this very articulate conversation?

Both of you (sic) singing:

Two less lonely people in the world,
and it's gonna be fine.
Out of all the people in the world,
I just can't believe you're mine.
In my life where everything was wrong,
something finally went right.
Now there's two less loney people in the world tonight.


( It isn't me! I would would have stuck to "It is I.")

One DOES hope, of course, that "loney" in the last line was for "Two less lonely people" rather than "Two less looney people" ...

Ouch! *cackle cackle* You have got to do this more often! :)

And howdy! My first time here, I believe?

Can't believe nobody jumped into the conversation during the breaks you took.

Loney or loney, what?

most hilarious conversation :)

What words..

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