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Monday, January 30, 2006 

Just another day in paradise

The phone rang at 4.01 AM. I looked at the time, and I knew he had been suppressing the urge to call for some time now. “I have been trying to call you all of yesterday!”, he screeched. “Ummm, well, I was out of town”, I said. Because telling him I was out of my mind was not a move that would have been appreciated. He blubbered about problems and deadlines, and I soothed him down. He subsided slowly, the verbal torrents slowing into a trickle, relieved that the burden of responsibility was shifted. Koi aansoo mere daaman par giraake, boond ko moti banaana chahte ho, I mused to myself.

The second came as I stood on the hill overlooking the sea. Even the run up had not been as much a grind as it usually is. The usual huffing and puffing, but the mind remained clear. “Where are you ?” “Tell me”, I said, sidestepping the question. He blathered on, seeking reassurance much in the manner of the earlier gent. Again, calming words were spoken.

So came back and did the dishes. And boiled milk and made tea and tried to get a morning fix of the Net all together. (The milk boiled over, the tea was too strong, but yes, the dishes did get done). The third call came from Him-who-must-not-be-spoken-lightly-to, neutrally checking if one had an inkling of what lay ahead. Yes, I confirmed, he had called and yes, he too had called. I knew. And no, no problems. No, I would not get in trouble. And so on and so forth.

The mind is unhurried. Get to work. Today, even the truck driver overtaking perilously close by is excused. Oh well, he’s probably been driving all night, one mused in an all encompassing love.

One person came by, bearing sheets indicating meetings scheduled back to back. Came with a grim smile, and dropped agenda points with a flourish.

“Gulshan ki faqat, phoolon se nahin
Kaanton se bhi zeenat hoti hai
Jeene ki liye , is duniya mein
Gham ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai"

We drawled, with a beatific smile, and person scurried back bemused. The office knows it is a good sign when we sing old weepies.

The usual grumpyface came along next. 74 for 4, goddammit, he said. And wotta week lies ahead. And here, I hereby wash my hands off these files. We smiled and said, it’s a game, ducky. And of course we will cover for you. Go forth and multiply in good cheer. Remember this, he said. And don’t blame me later. So we sang

Yeh chaand beete zamaanon ka aaina hoga
bhatakte abr pe , chehra koi bana hoga
hatheliyon ki henna, yaad kuch dilaayegi.
Karoge yaad to, har baat yaad aayegi.

You been smoking something, he sniffed. And went away.

One has learnt to treasure the good days. When the sky is blue and the grass is green and the birds are chirping. Even if they aren’t. Because there will be others when the miasma of doubt and gloom will close in, and emptiness will be a heavy weight to bear.

And therefore, today, we will not shy away from talking today. And singing.

Vocabulary once again: What do zeenat in "Kaanton se bhi zeenat hoti hai" exactly mean. I got a vague idea of the meaning from the context but please let me know its exact meaning.

And also the meaning of 'abr'in "bhatakte abr pe , chehra koi bana hoga" This one I cannot gather from the context what its meaning is.

Zeenat /Zinat : Ornament, Jewel. ( Zeenat Aman : Jewel of the World, one guesses. Whereas Jewel of the Nile had Kathleen Turner. sigh, we digress).

A garden is not graced only by its flowers/the thorns too are jewels that adorn it.

Bhatakte abr pe chehra koi banaa hoga: On a wandering cloud is traced someone's face .. abr : cloud. Old Hindi.

The Hindi is OK. The Urdu is more intuited than known, so you may want to recheck.


:-). You know what, Ghazler? The sky is still blue. It's the earth on which you and I stand that isn't green anymore. It's muddy, it's dirty, it sucks you in.

A re-union triggered this kya?

Friend, if we knew what caused it, we'd bottle it.

Err, no. We have had troubles with things in bottles before.

We'd put it in nice lil lavender paper sheets and sell it to Hallmark.


Thankfully, no multifarious rants here. But did I speak too soon?? Let me wait and watch!

Nope anti, all voices in head in symphony now.

(for now).


(Welcommeth too)

C'mon now, you seem to be wallowing in paradise for too long. It would have been fine had you been sharing the discussion going on between the God-knows-how-many of you about all the apsaras and all or some shayari inspired by those apsaras to keep us entertained. But absent that, next post please!

nice read

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