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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

Polite Conversations

Silence was our language.

The initial silences, tentative
with jabs of conversation.
The joys, surprisingly recursive;
Mutual pleasures, shared elation.

The amiable silences that we shared
musing over news, writing, a song,
or what bursts of confidence had bared.
Silences often lengthy, but never too long.

The bitter silence of fights,
and of mutual recrimination
Musing over imagined slights;
sudden, joyous reconciliation.

Silence was our language.

Our talk is now of weather and such topics, cursory;
We cannot reclaim the silence we chose.
The conversations now are detailed, desultory;
our love has been struck verbose.

Me first! Me first!
Lovely, this line particularly
'Silences often lengthy, but never too long'


And a nicer first comment couldn't have been wished for.

Welcome, lady.


"Musing over imagined slights"

Loved it!


nice. i am speechless..now what kinda silence is that?

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