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Sunday, March 19, 2006 

"Kya Karen, Josh-e-Junoon ..."

This was probably fated,
the variable being speed.
We see every such need
as just trivial once sated.

Needs that we don’t voice
and meet with some shame.
At implied mindframe
That led to this choice.

We were brazen, else rude
(fast to minimise
Windows thought unwise)
when life dared intrude.

With you, we were free.
Even pausing sessions
for enforced lessons
on trite poetry.

Reality, Life's curse
has now stepped in.
Ruthless in its win
sparing just this verse.

So those bunking morning runs, and stolen late nights, they are through;
Fare well ; when atavistic bloodlust strikes, I’ll always remember you.


who's the girl? didja bloody her nose?

Ph : :-)( and :-) again for good measure) (err, :-))

Peccavi : Nope, did not flex my pectorals... click the link to understand :)

I can almost hear the echoes of-

"Jo pyar tune mujhko diya tha,
woh pyar tera main lauta raha hoon.
Ab koi tujhko shikwa na hoga,
teri zindagi se chala jaa raha hoon"

coming from the direction of the link.


"Tumhein zindagi ke ujaale mubarak,
andhere humein aaj raas aagaye hain.
Tumhein paake hum khud se door hogaye the,
tumhe chhod kar apne paas aagaye hain."


Player huh? :P

Didnt know you played this sort too hoho

Me : The actual dialogue was something like

?! :arz-e-niyaaz-e ishq ke qaabil nahiin rahaa
jis dil pah naaz thaa mujhe woh dil nahiin rahaa

(Arz-e-niyaaz-e ishq : the submissions/offerings of passion)

And from the other side :

Marne ki ai dil aur hi tadbiir kar ki main
shaan-e dast-o-khanjar-e qaatil nahiin rahaa

(shaan-e dast-o-khanjar-e qaatil : worthy of arms and dagger of the hunter/murderer)


Pame : Player, yes. And we don't play in Godmode either ; generally in the "Bring 'em on" mode!!

Errr, we ARE talking computer games here ... at least I am !

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