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Friday, June 09, 2006 

The Final Refuge

I fled from you into welcome oblivion's arms.
But dancing lights in glass, the clink of ice;
reminiscent of that very voice, those very eyes,
are fatal flaws imbued in this escape's charms.

In solitude, we are but shackled slaves of your grace.
So by loud company, in raucous crowds we sought
to banish you, to free ourselves from thought.
But we still see glimpses of you in every face.

The very air that I breathe isn't free
from disturbing traces of your omnipresence.
For your long distance conversations
flow in unseen channels around me.

Now, I come to this city that was once yours
Cobbled streets, shady avenues, haunts of old.
And recollecting for each a story that you told,
I roam with feverish tread, uncaring of hours.

I dip a toe in the lake, run my fingers through the sand;
embracing this place, for the rest of the world is taken.
It is the final refuge, a Brotherhood of the forsaken;
With this city you betrayed, I declare a kinship of the damned.

Forgetfulness is oblivion. Remember and live.

I love the way you write about the city as it has come alive with her words. And somewhat stubbornly hang on to it. :)

You should travel more often.

Caffy, how you doin? Loved this pome.

Cavity : Oblivion is also bliss :)

Ph : Tis only poetic license ... the lines actually are of stories as yet untold. As for stubbornness : well, we are X-Rated, you know, i.e known for ten-a-city.

Me : Am more of an Accidental Tourist ... and BTW, once noticed that the last time I travelled ... Anyways :)

N : Ah, resurfaced ? Well well well (am doing). And stay on these roads.

Enjoyed a lot! » »

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