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Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Idol Musings

He was consumed, lost. Permeating every part of him, saturating every facet of his persona, ruling mind and body and consciousness, it was a feeling that brooked no caution, which heeded no voices of a sanity he had never placed much value on. Beyond the insecurities and the needs to want and need and be wanted and needed, lay the opportunity to just feel and revel in richness of emotion. A splendour that rendered labels like happy or sad irrelevant. The days began at unusual hours; they ended at unearthly ones. And still he grudged those hours that were given as a tithe to death, sleep that only served to wipe clean the canvas in his head of the vivid landscapes that he had been drawing.

Of course it was doomed from the start. His very intensity, which he claimed was a talisman, was more likely an attempt to live every last moment of what he subconsciously knew was an ephemeral experience. His proclaimed madness was no protection from the inevitable. For there are no protections from the shackles of life. Not even the dulcet tones of Goddesses can drown out the cacophony without. Not even a Goddess’ beguiling tresses can prolong the night; prevent the harsh rays of daylight from dessicating the soul.

And his faith in Goddesses was shaken, even destroyed by this. He had thrown his lot in with the all encompassing, donned armour against the mundane, found something that was beyond the purview of the ordinary. But Reality, that ugly beast, with its fetid breath of the daily trials, sank its fangs into him. And now, he is not just bereft of his erstwhile Goddess; he is bereft of the hope that one exists, that there is an escape from the pressing inanities that constitute an existence, that there are Goddesses who will not betray.

Which is why he ignores the proffered glass with its dancing lights, and says “Uhhh, I think I’ll have fruit juice”.

:( didn't get.

Idhu maadiri dussu-bussunu ezhudina, kandippa desipundit undu!

Heh. (Speak English man!)

must be the humidity in delhi. For a change, I got.

How consumptive! Starts by being consumed and ends consuming juices. (does the humidity help consumption?)

but- typical idle idol talk of a kaffir

Ms A : There's a gult song that goes "Godavari gattundi/gattu meeda chettundi" .. if I am not wrong the Tam eqv is "Kaveri karaiirukku"... refer to last line please.

Ph : Tcha. Samajhne waale samajh gaye hain, na samjhe, woh a nari hai.

Sw : Keep the change, baby! :)

Sh : Here is a favourite quote of a non-idle idol (errors mine own) :

"Bane pujaari, premi saaki,Gangaajal paavan haala
rahe pherta, avirat gati se, madhu ke pyaalon ki maala
Aur liye ja,
aur piye ja,
Aur liye ja, aur piye ja
Issi mantra ka jaadu kahe
Main Shiv ki pratima ban baithoon
mandir ho yeh Madhushala"

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Alphew : Exercise. Conjugate. Comprehensible.

Sigh. Me has stopped commenting on this page. Don't drag her into this.

I have too.

Whew. Can it get simpler than this ?

sheesh! I am glad you haven't banned me from commenting.:)

deleted my comment to prove my point about not being able to understand your comments too. I always get my way. hehe!

You got your way ?

I seem to have lost mine.

I didn't get this.

: (

see dumbo, when people read your counter comment, they won't understand it. (as i removed mine)..hence proving my point that you never make sense.:)

dont ask me to explain further or i'll ask you to explain your post.


Is it really going to be explained? Here? Or where? :-/

And ?!,it is:

Issi mantra ka jaap kare - the jaap being of the madhu ke pyaalon ki maala. More consumption, tho p'raps not of fruit juices. And while on that maala, do you know the Pathik bead?

shankari: If he is willing to explain, we'll decide on the venue and invite you. :)

Sh : I knew something was wrong... a long time since I revisited it. Thanks.

A : Alfalfa is a grass. Looks like ya been smoking something of a diff variety though ... :)

And venue ... doan expect me to drink juice there !

psssst alfalfa not a grass. It's a legume - same family as beans. And u know what eating too much of that produces ;-)

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