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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

A Song

A long time ago, I heard a song. To be honest, it was in a collection that I had been gifted … and I heard it, out of politeness, as a background to conversation. I heard as one hears elevator music: impinging on the ears without really registering in the mind. As the songs played and people talked, I dimly registered a song that was different from the others. Still continuing the civilities of normal discourse, I heard the song with some greater interest. And one particular idea in the lyrics struck me as being expressed in a rather unique fashion.

When the party ended, someone asked for (and got) the collection: it wasn’t in my normal-playing list anyway. As is sadly far too common, the collection changed hands and eventually I lost track of it. But over the years, at random times, I would remember that song. Occasionally, I would hunt frantically at music outlets in different cities for that collection, only to be disappointed.

I didn’t even remember the song; a vague recollection of the tune, and the theme of the song was all that remained. The collection itself went out of issue, and searching the song online was of course useless, since the lyrics were hazy. At odd points in time, from some unknown artesian pool, the idea would bubble up to the surface of consciousness, and I would think about it.

Songs and poetry and books : there is something about them that transcends their mere content. The most banal of songs, the tritest lines of poetry: they turn out to be pegs on which memories of times and places and people hang. And from the form and substance of those lines, the mind conjures up those associations every time you think of them. Even if subconsciously, so that one is sometimes embarrassed at a public reaction to what might appear nothing out of the ordinary to someone else.

And the best part of it is when Serendipity lands us, as it did me recently, onto a lost link. My own knowledge of music is rather limited; but a passion for it makes me seek out people with far greater scope. I was discussing music with one such person, and suddenly the nothingness of a long distance conversation coalesced into notes that were so familiar that I was thrilled. Of course, at these times, one is careful to be politely thankful and say “Ohhh, this song, please do send”. For as said, what is a set of associations for one is probably just another piece of music for another.

I haven’t got the song yet. No matter, it will come . As someone said, we shall listen, and be thankful to whichever God was on shift at that time.

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wish I could write like you! I better save this post somewhere and not rely on shifts of Gods.

which song was it?

Bah. Just ask for it again. :P

Ahhhh....you shouldn't have. Often find the reality of long remembered memories is never as good as the memory itself. But yeah, the urge to prod the memory into full conciousness can be overpowering - so I just hope that the song is as wonderful as u think it was. Enjoyyyyyyyyyy.

PS:1. which song?
2. ask again.
3. share :)

Hmm. One is struck by how polite you are as a person, Mr. Move.

To pipe down the thrill of meeting the song again by Serendipity- merely out of deference for another's sets of associations! And would the song similarly reflect on the listener?

Alpha : It's good to be Queen ?

Ph : I just said, "Play it again, Ma'am " : )

Peckish : Mmmm. Kathy's song it ain't. As I said, the memories the song dredges up are what make it special ... but yes, the chase is often more interesting : )

Shankari : Always political, we are. Polite, I mean. And we have to pipe down our thrills, like our rants, in order to retain a semblance of sanity!


Posted a comment, blogspot swallowed it.

Hi dubious (sounds more apt than Mr. Moves ;) )

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kathy's song...(you remembered?)

Sanity is way overrated. Don't let passions be drowned by boring politeness...go gimme! gimmmeeeeeee! GIMMMMMMMMMEEEEE! NOW!!!!!

(like gebback ;) )

Not got your song yet, Mr Move? Maybe you could ask again politely(not the way your friend peccavi advises), hmm?

Happens to me..all the time almost!

...I have the lousiest memory for lyrics and tunes refuse to make their way out from my tummy!

Good read!

Picky, S : All things come to him who ... floods : )

Ms G : I spy with my little eye ... someone has not got out of the "tummy" watching yet :)

(Get used to this baby talk)

1. Which song?
2. Ask again.
3. Share...

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