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Monday, July 10, 2006 


Of course there are moments of blinding clarity. When you see, with great precision, exactly what is happening. But they are few, and thankfully, despite their grasping, it is easy to let them go. Not throw them out, of course. For there is nothing forceful about the process.

You just have to relax, face the fact that the large eyes in the pinched face are yours, that the collection of unrinsed bottles coupled with a single glass means that you have been drinking alone, again.


: ) Sober enough to cross WeirdVeri

Take Hope!

wots dat??? Even godalmighty (aka google) lost on that one.


Hmm. What's weirdveri? Very weird.

that simple? thought there was more to it...

I think drinking alone's fun. Because most of the people who want to drink are khadoos pareshaan atmas. Unlike me.

(Hi all, was travelling, back).

Cavity : WeirdVeri, also known as Word Veri == word verification for comments.

Ph : GB ? You need to sober up before typing :)

Man Am I : How much more can it get ?

Me : "Nasha hai sab pe, magar rang nashe ka hai judaa.."

cavity? huh...u can do better...else dont try :-P

There's FAR TOO MUCH of me to be called a cavity. Sighhhhhhhhhh

Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP » »

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