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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

Separate Lives

One life (ordained at birth)
given short shrift; generic.
Like a million others on earth.

One life (by work ordained)
Different only from the old one
In the details by which constrained.

One life (fonts on screens, yours, mine)
Validated by Sitemeter, comments, readers.
With rants, raves, (often a whine).
Unconstrained, hence favoured with an extra line.


Now look WHO is here!

==> hastily dusts off the template and gets out the best china.

Thankee kind sire, n welcommeth.

ahhhhh - you know me loves that song of u'rs. Kudos on the extra line. Much deserved...and u always got us for whines :-)

love it

great things lie in wait for ritual link followers!Wonderful!


What about the link? Hindi nahi malum.


What about the link? Hindi nahi malum.

Pex : : )

Amma, Nee ... konjam indi kathukkanum. Naalaikke oru Yash Chopra thaan kadhai ketta how will you respond ? : ) Thanks.

Swech : Thankee ma'am. (Dekha ? Follow my lead and wonderful things lie in wait :)) )

I refuse to be a slave to sitemeter. One more obsession I can do without. Howbees? Got a lovely song, will mail.

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