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Sunday, August 06, 2006 

The Lull in the Storm

It's been stormy outside. And yet we have the peaceful, easy feeling.

Went on the hill to find Nature imitating bad angst-ridden prose, seeking the twisted satisfaction of self-mutilation. Trees had huge branches ripped off;some of the younger trees themselves were uprooted. The wind keened continually, but like the dessicated paroxysms of the hurt-too-often, the rain came only in short bursts.

It is a day to sit and revel in the shrouded silence around us; a day to be spent listening to disembodied voices on the phone, till the phone ran out of juice. No charger meant that the silence took hold again, enveloping.

So one listens to Mahendra Kapoor singing

Aaj puraanii raahon se, koi mujhe aawaaz na de
dard mein doobe geet na de, gham ka sisakta saaz na de

And who are we to disobey such a clarion call ?

So we cut short the couple of poems that were germinating in the head, and instead are content with a lazy set of lines ....

wrote a long comment...didnt feel right...

so will just say - good to see a new one after a long time.

Love the song...

PS: u LISTEN to mahendra kapoor???? i'm disgusted/horrified.

The storm without and the peace within?

Love the description of the intermittent rain.

And what does one say of these 'lazy set of lines'? Wish there were more- at least one more stanza...

So you listen to Mahendra K? The song of his which I like, I *love* (the one-ly one that is). Different strokes... !

MK : The gent who sang gems like "Chalo ik baar phir se ajnabee ban jaayen hum dono", "Dil ki aarzoo thi koi dilruba mile", "Mere desh ki dharti" "TUm agar saath dene ka waada karo" amongst others... and one of my most favourite songs ever ...

"Beete Huye lamhon ki kasak saath toh hogi"

Yeah. Listen to MK, a lot. Our kinda moozic.

: )

love the songs...hate the singer. Mr. Nasal Whine...now if only those songs were by Rafi....aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

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