Sunday, June 03, 2007 

Wish You Were Here

The fading light tells of dusk that draws near;
bringing to the midst of banter a numbing chill.
But nothing matters, since you're still here.

Through riotous times of sunshine and good cheer
a soft voice hums a dirge that mirth cannot still
telling us "the time, it inevitably draws near."

We laugh louder, and pretend we cannot hear,
fearing the effort will consume us against our will.
But your presence bringing joy anew, is still here.

Every day we find something that we hold dear,
a peace that renews, a hope that seeks to fill;
But all under the shadow still drawing near.

We have watched the bubbles in the glass disappear
bemoaning cups that slipped, as they sometimes will.
Forgetting your intoxicating laughter was still here.

Tis far too late that we've learnt this lesson, I fear;
only the wine drunk matters, not the tears you spill.
Now I know as the time for final goodbyes draws near,
Life, I sometimes missed you while you were still here.


An aubade, though I find the idea has been implemented before.