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Monday, March 07, 2011 

On Seeing An Unexpected Online Presence

Much have I dreamt in the days of old,
And many goodly poems and stories written;
Now by absence of a muse sorely smitten
with unspun dreams and stories untold.

Sometimes my wide expanse I’d behold
and rue the lost emotion that ruled my demesne;
Yet did I continue in vegetation serene
until by some chance did her glimpse unfold.

Then felt I like some astrologer wise
When Ophiuchius swims into his ken;
Or like stout housewife when with eagle eyes
she star'd at new series— and then
I look'd in the mirror with wild surmise —
He still lives, that gent within.

Rusty, but still. Also, profound apologies.

How you been, Caff? Been so long.

Neekie ?

How are you? Mail!




EnnV: Did

Nonnymous : Sheesh man, its Ph! : )

P: Will get better, opefully : ) Danke Schon

Denisa : Forgive me for being suspicious, but I don't think you actually love me.

love it.

Anon1 - Deleted your comment ... I think there are other means to discuss, if you wish. But that was an unexpected stab.

Anon2 - Thanks.

rusty for sure.. long time after the last.. i can't get my finger on it.. but something in it is touching.. something poignant.... that surely comes from the heart

nice, but we came for more.

Ok. I left a comment but cannot see it so am trying again. Still active on this blog?

How are you ? Long time. Rarely visit here, out of shame : )

heyyyyy...gimme some concrete way to get in touch. Where are you? How are you? And why shame?

I can't leave a number here, but I have a fairly uncommon name and a big-ass digital footprint, so find me :)


Not seeing the evidence aka call me then!

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