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Sunday, April 30, 2006 

The J Word

I can’t say that J word, can’t you see ?
But so many people you know!
So dreadfully commonplace, jealousy!

You lavish time and money on me
and so much of affection you show!

I can’t say that J word, can’t you see ?

“ I love this”, you said (not about me)
A “miss you” made another glow;
So dreadfully commonplace, jealousy!

I know that it is probably just LSE
You are suitably modest, though.

I can’t say that J word, can’t you see ?

Often we are rude, banal and petty
( and you are sometimes angry, we know)
So dreadfully commonplace, jealousy!

It sorely tries us to just let you free;
we want the “special one” to be.

I can’t say that J word, can’t you see ?
So dreadfully commonplace, jealousy!


A Villanelle, a rustic song. Though neither Wiki's example nor this all-time favourite can be said to be anything remotely so.

Thanks for the Dylan!

What may LSE be?

S :- Low Self Esteem :). The Dylan is one of the most stirring songs you can come across.

Useful it of trivia :Rodney "I doan get no respect" Dangerfield did a pretty passable recitation of this in the movie Back to School.

Another inside joke!

This is seriously amusing.

eeks! lse be so low? :(

since d school me be dse

so colourful- does orange yellow n white make green? but more petty than pretty... jealousy


so much to say,

but best to refrain




Yeh D Company suna tha ... D school kya hai ?

Pec : This pome has two refrains. What's your form with so many ?

And you have to WRITE them; you can't just write something something rhyme/something else rhyme/refrain and call it poetry : )

:) deep bow (oops never again do this wearing a short skirt. u deigned to even think it was masquerading as poetry....

'twas not...:( never been accused of being poetic; ever! sighhh

was juss playin on refrain...


Eeps. Don't say it, is what I say. Nothing good ever comes of it.

Mmmmm. Been sometime since we had a chat,huh.

Heh, back ? Not long enough maybe ? It did take some time this time ?

Your songs again. You do see that this is a classic Prisoner's dilemma.

Mmmm. How so ?

They can betray you. So you do it first. Safer way. Both get a tad miffed. And you walk off.

Mmmm. What if they don't betray ? Then you would end up hurting them for no reason at all.

Yeah, so you can sit back and invest in them and lay yourself open to betrayal. The sucker's payoff.

There is of course, the win win situation of both not betraying to look forward to, na ?

Yeah, right. Guess why they call it the sucker's payoff ?

So the correct method is to get them fore they get you ? I thought the winning one, at least according to friend Axel R, was to be nice.

Half baked again. That was with a lot of assumptions about infinite iterations. Where you can co-operate and then retaliate if it doesn't work. Next you'll be telling me about the forgiveness hypothesis.

The best thing is a win-win situation. Why would anybody settle for less ? Or pre-empt it in fears of a loss ?

Cos loss isn't easy to handle. Cos loss is where lies much madness. And jealousy, as indicated.

mmmm. So the optimal method, as you say, is to hurt them first.

It may not be the optimal method. It just IS the equilibrium.

Ohhh, the Beautiful Mind's idea. In case you didn't notice, the Nash Equilibrium , like the man himself, was unstable for this case.

You got a better idea, of course ?

Yes. For a start, do not apply PD theories , even IPD theories here. It isn't the same.

Why not ? Every relationship is a PD situation.

Not at all. For a start, the difference is that there is nothing called a win lose. If you win and they lose, you don't walk off a victor.

You walk off a sleazeball.

Maybe. In fact it is worse than a PD then. Cos they may not be similarly squeamish.

When they walk off.

lose the fear and u're FREE

and happier perchance?

check out 'prospect theory'. Not only is the reward-risk ratio skewed, it postulates indians are more reward hungry and more risk averse.

Dwell on it - maybe help lose the fear?

Hmm. We see that you still don't give a straight answer, googly-man. Hmmmmmm.

hmm, here I am


Nonnymouse, nice to know you have revisted. The tragedy of the commons has been studied, but what gave rise to this debate (apart from self-indulgence) was that all the solutions (including the Prisoner's Dilemma case, subject of several software competitions) have ended cloaking themselves in the safety of conditional applicablity.

In the case of interpersonal relationships, however, it's every man's opinion for himself.

: )

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