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Sunday, April 02, 2006 


Corynna Corynna.


Just a juxtaposition???

Yes DuhMb I am but not so either that I dint mouse over the links- but what pray is the LINK binding the links? Just stuff you were listening to? Or is there a deeper Dubious Move in placing them together?! Please do elucidate...

Awww! Why don't I get 'notice-d' here?- May consider becoming a squatter?!

C'mon, ma'am, after all the detailed replies too!!

To elucidate here, randomness is all. Richard Cory and Corinna, Corinna.


There you are!

Ah kind Sir!

Now I move on...


Me, ?!, Dubious Move...and now Shankari? LOL!

I come back and the party seems on... :))

A: I am not Me ...

and Shankari ? Pliss to stand up and be counted.



*dusting off* Somebody took my name? Here I am :D!

And you, DB, elucidate, please. We no get allusion. It is not as good as ours...

It's a man, it's a plane, it's Me.

aiyyo, what's happening here???

and pray why the bullet in the head...i no like it...in fact i hate it...it leaves me all churned up and thats no good...no good...no good at all!


And now, you're Asmita. LOL!

Asmita : Churned up lass ... lassi ? Pichle manthan se to Amrit nikli thi ... :)

Ms Morning Belle : Just you wait. One day people will ask if I am Ammani.


errmm..why do you like being only women? now you are alpha. bad taste!

Alpha : To quote a line from song referred to 2 posts ago

"It’s good to be king, if just for a while" ...

One of the perks being "Queen Alpha" visiting n all...

But it's also good to try being a woman! And no, dubious mental balance, but good taste!

gah @ queen alpha. proof that you are indeed delusional.

good morning, i hope. and take off the frock before you go for ur run.

Ajji sunte ho! Amrit niklA thA not nikli thi :p

Are you Pru-frocked? Or de-frocked?

Just trying to rock mah boat, all these wimmen.

Not me, copied from other blogs@ Queen Alpha. ( Our tastes tend more to Queen Latifah).

Delusional ? So what is the big deal with reality anyways?

And ki farq painda hai@ gender mistekk, S. ?

ammani...DM not asmita
He can like asmita
He can, perhaps, be like asmita
But no way can he be asmita unless he decides to practice taxidermy! And soul transplant and even then I think he would remain DM ... wouldn't he? He would na?

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