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Sunday, November 12, 2006 

Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes

“Enduke, pichchi, he is so paapam no ?”

There was a laugh in Gowri’s voice. Lakshmi snorted. “If that much sorry, you go and talk to him”, she said. “I could murder him so easily”.

“But what did he do ? And I’ll have just one more gulab jamun. I tell you, my diet goes to hell each time I come over to your place”. Vijaysri aka Visiri, talking with her mouth full in the precise fashion she so discouraged in her kids.

“See, he asked to come on cam no ? And you have sent him pics before, so what big deal ? He did not ask for something crass, no ? Poor man, edho koncham diet cheyya oddu annadu. And you blocked him out for it.” Gowri, heaping another hot mound of rice.

“ See, I sent him pics before no ? And now I come on cam. 32 pounds, I tell you, that haircut. 32 freaking pounds, maa oorlo saloon itself you can buy with that money. Does he notice ? Does he say, hi, nice haircut ? Or even you look different today ? No, he just goes ummm and hmmm, says brb and disappears. Vedhava what went to do god knows, comes back and then says I don’t look fat. Men, I tell you!”

Ayyo kadavalle. The man should be shot.

Hahahahaha! We shall SO beware of such webcam seeking gents henceforth :P.

Ph : With a digicam, one hopes, rather than the other : )

Me : Yeah, imagine losing 20 pounds and then being complimented for your new haircut. Would be worse no : )

Very nice! Me I'm wondering what he went to do when he said brb.

prob just forgot to turn off the gas and the water burnt or the dal spilled over...ooops brb

Naanimouse : Sigh. Darkest recesses of mind, you people have. He just sat and tried his best to "figure" out what to say.

Pickybird :) All the time, it happens ?

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