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Monday, December 04, 2006 

And All The Poems I Never Wrote

All the doubts I never bared
All the fears I never shared
All the works I’d never quote
And all the poems I never wrote.

All the stories that remain untold.
The narrative that is yet to unfold.
Your past and present, all that is hidden.
A half-portrait Serendipity drew unbidden.

Wondrous threads of conversations, this tapestry of our making;
from the start, we only wove this tableau of inevitable parting.

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Makes me wonder
Is it 'Deja vu'?

I like. Really like.


such a penchant for melodrama.

[is lovely tho. bastid]

Caffie anna, call me ASAP

bah you're not going anywhere. Lovely poem though.

Sigh, goodbye then.

To echo Neha, nice, I like.


Not being Maud(e)lin - but - CALL

But what a grand time was had. No? :)

This piece evokes some childhood memories (unintended I am sure but this free association bit is overpowering na?) of young girls sitting huddled together in the warm winter North Indian afternoons working on different pieces of or the different ends of a single tapestry. Phulwari, and at times even gota and salma-taras, being done on remarkably plain or exquisitely sheer chiffony fabrics with each piece showing off their skills even while telling some kind of story of feverish hopes and repressed desires, threaded in the golden or silken skeins.

The guiding desire of all those endeavours was of course to seek wide and fulsome admiration, preferably in the form of the then popular ditty: 'Badan pe sitaare lapete hue...'

So is this a bidaai song?

But at least one needn't lament: Sakhi ve mujhse kehkar to jaate...

Small world this is!! We circle back and look what I found here! :) No, I did not actually find your hideout here from Ryze, but you'd be surprised we have a little bird (actually not all that little!) in common!

People..! It's not a good-bye as it might seem...He promises to be around for a while :)

"Guru" of Pancharatna Naatak Mandali, come back. NOW.

Or I might have to start singing "Mera jeevan tere bina woh ek blog hain..."

Happy New Year

Happy New year, DM

Happy New Year...and all that.

Bereft. Marooned. Post again, no?

Umm, forlorn, too.



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