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Sunday, June 03, 2007 

Wish You Were Here

The fading light tells of dusk that draws near;
bringing to the midst of banter a numbing chill.
But nothing matters, since you're still here.

Through riotous times of sunshine and good cheer
a soft voice hums a dirge that mirth cannot still
telling us "the time, it inevitably draws near."

We laugh louder, and pretend we cannot hear,
fearing the effort will consume us against our will.
But your presence bringing joy anew, is still here.

Every day we find something that we hold dear,
a peace that renews, a hope that seeks to fill;
But all under the shadow still drawing near.

We have watched the bubbles in the glass disappear
bemoaning cups that slipped, as they sometimes will.
Forgetting your intoxicating laughter was still here.

Tis far too late that we've learnt this lesson, I fear;
only the wine drunk matters, not the tears you spill.
Now I know as the time for final goodbyes draws near,
Life, I sometimes missed you while you were still here.


An aubade, though I find the idea has been implemented before.

nice to see you write again..poetry is your forte. loved the last two lines.

Though be back? Good....

Agent Alpha : I'm glad I am all write too : ) And nice to have the Queen herself back.

Naanimouse :Errr... yes, yes, all to the good.

Loved this one. My 2nd favourite among all your pomes.

What I think Dubious man is that you ought to stop indulging in banter altogether. No good it is, I tell you, no good at all.

N : My most favourite poem is the one yet to be written : )

Ph : So you ARE keeping your promises : ). As you said somewhere else, since the rest is all dispensed with, only banter remains no ?

As for being good... oh well, as I read somehwere, God will forgive, tis His job.

Saar! Good to see you back. And you still confound me with poetry ;)

Welcome back..

X-aNTi: innaatha solrathu. Bemani guvvurment kaaranga transfer panni utaanuga. Blog apeetu aayidchi. Ippo puchha vandikirena, konjam tartin trouble. (Ugh Rant kooda adhaanaam.)

Poga poga sari aayidum.

( Now you can properly say confounded).

Aah, the cat is set among pigeons, leading to great debates among the literati and cognoscenti whether this is an aubade or villanelle.

We homegrown types can only say this reminds us of a much favoured ghazal:

aah ko chahiye ik umr asar hone tak
kaun jeeta hai teri zulf ke sar hone tak

@Anon- What great debates? Don't make me laugh. I merely quibbled.

Ooh, now I know what an aubade is :D

Nonnymouse : यक नज़र बेश नहीं फ़ुर्‌सत-ए हस्‌ती ग़ाफ़िल
गर्‌मी-ए बज़्‌म है इक रक़्‌स-ए शरर होते तक

The break was too short, alas.

Lalitaji : Sigh. Has it struck you that nobody seems to have noted your praise for the poem, and only your quibbles take centre stage?

Pravin : Listen, Learn, Enjoy.

(OK, tis a TV channel ad).

Spot on!


shamma har rang mein jalti hain sahar hone tak

and as Ghalib also said:

ye na thi hamari qismat ke visaal-e-yaar hota

agar aur jiite rehte to yahii intezar hota

Boy o boy and look who summer brought out of hiding. alive and well i hope? :)

But nothing matters, since you're still here.

And your presence bringing joy anew, is still here.

Since we not clever enough to say what we will - we copy someone else's famous lines.

PS: we got news, if u got time.

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